EP.07 Elijah "EZ" Muhammad | Making Heavy Lifting EZ


Elijah "EZ" Muhammad

Making Heavy Lifting EZ

AMRAP 25 Minutes | Elijah Muhammad, more commonly known as "EZ," is far more than your average CrossFit Games athlete. In true AMRAP Mentality fashion, EZ explains to us how he was able to juggle a wife and kids, graveyard shifts, coaching collegiate basketball, and training with CrossFit Games Champion, Rich Froning, without missing a beat. EZ's unrelenting ability to succeed in all areas of his life stem from his definition and understanding of true passion and success. A family man, successful gym owner, and seminar facilitator, EZ truly embodies what it means to lift heavy often, as in every day.



Elijah "EZ" Muhammad is the proud father of 4 and a 2x CrossFit Games Athlete.

He is also the owner CrossFit Unorthodox.


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