Amazon Customer: This book and concept will excel your life INSTANTLY & exponentially

As a Crossfitter of 7 years I have a firm understanding of what AMRAPS are and how they work, I myself incorporate them into my workouts many times a week. But in this book Jason, takes it a step farther explaining how the AMRAP Mentality can apply to more than just fitness, it applies to life, business and relationships. You don't have to be a Crossfitter to read this book, Jason does a great job of explaining the meanings so that someone that has never stepped foot in a CrossFit gym can learn something from reading this and instantly apply it to their life and see results. Jason is a great family man and a inspiration as a business owner and entrepreneur. I read this book in about 3 hours and will recommend it to people for years to come. In life never quit but when faced with challenges break them down into smaller manageable chunks and se a timer to see how much work you get done as you race against the clock. You will be surprised at how much more you accomplish over time. In conclusion READ THIS BOOK it WILL instantly help you, the only variable is the amount of hard work you put in. The harder you work the more successful you will become. Thanks Jason!