Husband, Father, Founder of NCFIT, and CrossFit Games Champion. 

Professional athlete, philanthropist, author, and father-- Jason does a bit of it all. Between building a successful, multi-location business, NCFIT, eight consecutive CrossFit Games appearances, creating the NCFIT Collective online training portal and coach’s development tool, and hosting both the AMRAP Mentality and Business of Fitness Podcast, Jason has spent his entire life training for the unknown. This earned confidence, however, was tested in 2016 when his daughter, Ava, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Together, Jason and his incredible wife, Ashley, stood with unwavering positivity and unparalleled strength as their daughter fought to overcome this battle. Inspired by Ava’s tenacity and determined to help families in similar situations, the couple paired with team NEGU, founded the annual charity event, Ava’s Kitchen, and launched the largest non-affiliated Blood Drive on the west coast. Given his lifetime of lessons learned, Jason now aims to help other coaches, business owners, and families reach their fullest potential.




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